Dates: 22 - 26 March 2021
Location: Online (virtual) meeting

The Computational Modeling in Biology Network (COMBINE) is an initiative to coordinate the development of the various community standards and formats in systems biology, synthetic biology and related fields. HARMONY is a codefest-type meeting, with a focus on development of the standards, interoperability and infrastructure. There are generally not many general discussions or oral presentations during HARMONY; instead, the time is devoted to allowing hands-on hacking and interaction between people focused on practical development of software and standards.

HARMONY 2021 will be an online only meeting similar to COMBINE 2020 (http://old_co.mbine.org/events/COMBINE_2020). Most of the day will be scheduled by the communities as breakouts. In addition, we will have some time each day for community discussion and wrap-ups of breakouts and advertisements for following breakouts.


The HARMONY 2021 interactive schedule is available from https://harmony2021.sched.com/. The sched password will be sent by email to registered participants. As with HARMONY, the schedule will likely update during the week, so best to access the schedule via sched.com and be sure to login and add any sessions that interest you to your personal agenda.

A PDF export of the current (draft) program in is available: HARMONY 2021 draft program (UTC). Note that this schedule is given in the UTC time zone. Please make use of https://harmony2021.sched.com to see the schedule in your own time zone.

There will be a community session each day 19:00-21:00 UTC. On Monday this session includes the official welcome and the lightning talks. The exact format for these sessions is not quite finalised, but each day this session will provide an opportunity to summarise completed breakouts and introduce upcoming breakouts similar to the wrap-up sessions that happen at the in person HARMONY meetings. These sessions will also be an opportunity to discuss and hack on topics relevant to the COMBINE community.

Communication via the meeting will be via the Slack workspace https://combine-workspace.slack.com. Information on joining the slack workspace will be sent by email to registered participants.

A provisional attendee list for the meeting can be found here.

Important dates

Breakout submission deadline: 23rd Feb 2021

Lightning talk submission deadline: 23rd Feb 2021

Notification of acceptance of breakouts: 1st March 2021

HARMONY Workshop: 22-26th March 2021


Registration for the meeting is open and is free. Please register at the link below as soon as possible. This will help us plan the schedule and match your interests to the timing of the breakouts, etc. Note: only registered attendees will be sent information related to video conferencing links, etc.

Registration form: https://forms.gle/U6SHJyowQnwJ7fmb8

Call for Breakout Sessions

All attendees can suggest breakout sessions for hacking and/or detailed discussions of certain aspects of one or several of the COMBINE standard(s), metadata and semantic annotations (format-specific or overarching), application and implementations of the COMBINE standards, or any other topic relevant for the COMBINE community. The topics for those breakout sessions, and the time slots which would suit their communities can be submitted at the link below. Note: breakout session organisers will be responsible for creating and hosting their own online sessions.

Breakout proposals: https://forms.gle/J13diBX6iipx4w8E9

Call for Lightning Talks

Requests for a lightning talk (3 min max.) can be submitted via the form below. Please use several forms if you want to submit abstracts on different topics. The submission deadline is outlined above. Talks will take place during the community session.

Lightning talk submission: https://forms.gle/z1kzkN2NNaN9JzMM6

Topics of Interest

Topics of interest for the meeting include, but are not limited to:

  • Data exchange, pipelines and model standards for systems and synthetic biology
  • Visualization and graphical notation standards for systems and synthetic biology
  • Standards for sharing and analysing biological pathway data
  • Standards for computational biological models and modelling support
  • Metadata description and model annotation in COMBINE standard formats
  • Implementation of COMBINE standards in tools, databases and other resources
  • Integrated model and data management for systems and synthetic biology
  • Standardization of Artificial Intelligence approaches in biological modelling
  • Emerging standardization needs and multicellular modeling
  • Community aspects of COMBINE


The COMBINE 2021 virtual meeting is organised by the COMBINE coordinators (see the list).

Contact for scientific organization: Combine Coordinators.